or how we didn’t get arrested in Harare (2015)



The film ‘Lovers in Time or how we didn’t get arrested in Harare‘ is an experimental drama documentary based on the events of the production and performances of a controversial play (Lovers in Time) written by Blessing Hungwe which was deemed the most controversial play in Harare in 2014. The film which is an experimental film essay is a collaboration between Agnieszka Piotrowska, acclaimed UK Director/Producer/writer and a Reader at University of Bedfordshire and Joe Njagu, a premiere Zimbabwean filmmaker who has shot, edited and co-produced the film. . The production included some of the best performing and musical talent in Zimbabwe. The film will have its world premiere at Zimbabwe International Film Festival in October 2015.


The film which previewed in 2015 received a very complimentary review from Thomas Elsaesser – one of the most notable film scholars alive in the world:

Thomas Elsasser has described Lovers in Time (2015) as ‘a timely political film…an unusually riveting example of the “essay film”: under­stood as a special kind of historical reflexivity, manifesting itself across several layers of subjectivity.’ In this way he suggests that her work engages with canonical filmmakers such as Jacques Rivette and Eric Rohmer whose cinema verite style moved documentary filmmaking into new realms and provided a platform for the generation of filmmakers in which Dr. Piotrowska is becoming a leading exponent. Elsaesser states that Dr. Piotrowska is ‘both a persona and a role, both an authority and someone struggling to stay in control: of an errant cast and of her inner turmoil, growing doubts and split feelings.’ the full review:

The film opened at the Zimbabwe International Film Festival where it was nominated for the best documentary, and it was also nominated for the Best Feature at the Out of Africa Festival in Kenya in November 2015. It won the best screenplay for Documentary Award at the Mombai International Short Film Festival and has been screened since internationally and in the United Kingdom, including the London Political Film Festival and the BAFTSS conference in April 2016.


> Its first public preview was at the Reading Conference of Essay Film on 1st May 2015.






Produced by NKM Theatre Initiative in association
with the University of Bedfordshire, UK
Supported by the Zimbabwe Theatre Association
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